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All Women Lead

Our History

The Alaska Women's Leadership Forum is the direct result of the decades long vision and passion of Board President and Founder, Teresa Jacobsson.

“When I first envisioned a support group for working women in Alaska nearly 15 years ago, I never imagined that group would reach this level of support and interest. Alaska is a unique place to live, with landscape, weather, industries, tribes and politics unlike any other state in our nation.

My objective was to provide support to all women in Alaska, at any career level, and in any industry, and to provide support for those women furthering their education.

The Alaska Women’s Leadership Forum focuses on all women in Alaska who are working to better themselves and their families, by providing support and hands-on knowledge on what it’s like to be a working woman in Alaska.”

Teresa brought together a group of like-minded women in 2011, and the founding board was established in 2013. Together we wanted to create not just annual collaboration and learning, but an ongoing forum for Alaska women of all ages and industries to benefit from each other.

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